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Killing by Type VI secretion drives genetic phase separation and correlates with increased cooperation                                                                                                                                             New Scientist, ScienceDaily, Phys.orgiTech Post, BBC Good Morning Scotland (Interview starts 56:00).

Vultures acquire information on carcass location from scavenging eagles
Conservation Magazine, Science World Report, Nature World NewsScience Daily, RTE,1793.cover, biomeDer, Science Codex, scinexx, redOrbitTierWelt, Der StandardCornell University Blog, and here’s a video explaining the study and it’s implications:


Cooperative secretions facilitate host range expansion in bacteria        
The Observer: The New Review, Science Daily, Infection Control Today, Business Standard,, Med India, Financial Express,, redOrbitMRC Biomedical Picture of the Day (image by Roman Popat).

Combinatorial quorum sensing allows bacteria to resolve their social and physical environment
The Times, The Daily Mail, The Scotsman, The Herald, BBC NewsTimes of Malta,, Irish Independent, hearaldscotland, TheExtra, NewsMedical.

Metabolic rate and body mass are linked with perception of temporal information      NautilusThe Economist,Publicity eyeclock image BBC NewsThe Indepenent, The New YorkerThe Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The Times, BBC TV World News TodayScienceDailyThe Irish Independent, The Irish ExaminerMetroMetro HeraldThe Australian, Sky News Australia,, Science World Report, Nature World NewsBusiness Standardheraldscotland, Voice of America, UPI,, Yahoo News, RTELaois Nationalist1273397_669030276451320_1590528977_omsnNOW, MSN NZSBS,, CourierMailAllNewsAU, NewsWhip, Times of India, Deccan ChronicleTimes of Malta, TopNews Arab Emirates, NewsTrack India, The Free Press Journal, Herald Sun, Z News, io9New Zealand Herald, Jagran Post,, Digital Journal, Medical Daily, ExtremeTech, International Business Times, I F***ing Love ScienceEditorial in Animal Behaviour…….plus more here.                                                ku-bigpic image001

BM-DarwinBaloneyCooperation creates selection for tactical deception
The Daily Mail, The Huffington PostABC Science, The Conversation, The, mental_flossDescrierThe Kooza, Bangalore MirrorInterview on RTE Radio 1 (downloadable mp3), and an “interesting” perspective from a creationist website, accusing us of having a “Yoda complex”: Creation Evolution Headlines. They also gave us the “Dawin baloney” award for the “stupid evolution quote of the week”.

On the dimensionality of ecological stability                                                                           Faculty of 1000 Prime

sn-intelligenceCooperation and the evolution of intelligence       The Daily MailThe Sunday TimesDie Welt, Discovery NewsScienceNOWScience Magazine Podcast, Scientific AmericanLive Science, Science Daily, NBC NewsThe AustralianWold News AustraliaEurekAlertNY Daily News, lalibre.beSci, NacionalGentsideDecouverteFocusOnline, Express.beMonitorulAprendemasKurzweilMost downloaded article in 2012.

Article inspired by a zoology course I taught in the Irish Centre for Talented Youth         The Sunday Times